Clinical workflow analysis is an important consulting service offered by Meta that enables facilities to optimize system usability, improve patient safety, and maximize the value of their EHR. This service, uniquely available to Meta clients, consists of Meta’s clinical EHR experts taking an in-depth look at your current state processes—how you deliver care at your facility—and determining how to improve practices using the MetaCare system.

Implementation failures typically are not the result of software deficiencies, but rather due to a misevaluation of clinical practices. Either due to lack of resources or expertise, facility implementation teams have difficulty identifying bottlenecks, or encounter frustration when adapting to new systems. As a result, new electronic pathways, meant to improve upon manual processes, often hinder rather than aid in the delivery of care.

As clinical users tend to depend upon current state processes, Meta’s Clinical Informatics Team provides facilities with an unbiased perspective to bridge the knowledge gap during system design and implementation. Opportunities identified through workflow documentation provide a gap analysis, which allows our team to identify improvements and eliminate inefficient processes in the areas of system performance, patient safety and the delivery of care. A workflow analyst can also identify upfront costs, eliminate budget shortfalls, and suggest enhancements that allow your organization to do more with less.

Sometimes, minor adaptations in existing workflow and software can dramatically improve productivity, user satisfaction, and return on investment. Other times, our consultant may recommend software enhancements that are easily cost justified when examining the revenue of a particular clinical department, and scrutinizing how workflow is impeded by a lack of functionality.

Our Clinical Informatics team leverages over 30 years of experience in clinical workflow analysis and EHR design, allowing facilities to better understand operations prior to implementation, and make knowledgeable decisions that ensure safe and efficient patient care. Our team utilizes Six Sigma and Lean Tools to define current system limitations, evaluate processes, document interoperability between systems, facilitate communication, and set progress goals moving forward.

As part of the process, our clinical team will come to your site and meet with leadership, clinical users, and ancillary providers. Group meetings will follow to identify broken processes and find solutions that meet patient care needs across the organization. Through direct observation, we will accurately document current state workflow, and finalize a comprehensive gap analysis. Based on the workflow findings, Meta will provide the information necessary for the facility to determine process changes, and investments in technology, staff, and education.

With in-depth workflow analysis, Meta provides the incentive to maximize system usability, which translates positively in the areas of patient care delivery, financial stability, staff efficiency, and the overall well-being of clinicians and patients.