MetaCare Takes on Medication Safety at SLPRC

ST. LOUIS, Missouri (2015) – The implementation of MetaCare eMARhas already yielded positive results in medication safety and patient management at the St. Louis Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center (SLPRC). A 180-bed hospital located in St. Louis County, SLPRC has provided intermediate and long-term care to patients in the region for over 140 years.

Meta Healthcare IT Solutions, an innovator of electronic health record systems, deployed its bedside administration record product, MetaCare eMAR, on-site earlier this week. The system assists in the daily management of a patient’s individualized therapy by providing patient information and medication alerts unique to each patient. At SLPRC, where patient management is a primary concern, nurses utilize these features to oversee a diverse patient population, and ensure safety at the point of care.

“Our eMAR checks each administration to ensure its safety and appropriateness to the patient’s course of treatment,” remarked on-site implementation specialist, Chad Hanohano. “This provides nurses with more time for patient engagement and the exploration of the patient’s condition, with the ultimate goal of successful rehabilitation.”

Central to SLPRC’s deployment of MetaCare eMAR was the inclusion of Meta’s barcoded medication administration (BCMA) software. With this functionality, nurses may automatically record order administration and verify the medication against the patient’s record. This has contributed to improvements in patient management, and simplified medication administration for the nursing staff.

“BCMA was extremely important to the SLPRC implementation,” stated Meta Senior Project Manager, Nancy Brill. “With the facility sprawled over multiple wards and cottages, the system allows nurses to manage patients on a case-by-case basis regardless of location. Clinicians can then use this data to monitor successes or shortcomings in therapy, and recommend alternatives based on changes in the patient’s condition.”

“SLPRC has already seen a significant improvement in their already high standard of medication safety, and can expect to see patient safety increase as a result of their partnership with Meta,” she concluded.

Metropolitan St. Louis Hospital Deploys CPOE for Enhanced Order Screening

ST. LOUIS, Missouri (2015) – Amidst increased national concerns for patient safety in forensic environments, the Metropolitan St. Louis Psychiatric Center (MPC) has completed its deployment of MetaCare CPOE. The system was developed by Meta Healthcare IT Solutions as a prescriber solution to order entry.

Meta was selected for the project based on its recent corporate experience, and the strength of its CPOE product. Within the last year alone, Meta has initiated several new partnerships in the sector of forensic and mental health. These have seen the deployment of MetaCare products at youth detention centers, forensic hospitals, and other behavioral health facilities across the US and Canada.

MPC, the most recent of these partners, is a 50-bed forensic psychiatric hospital providing outpatient forensic evaluation and inpatient pretrial services to residents referred by the Missouri court system. The site has served the St. Louis community for over 85 years, and provides patients with a full range of services in the field of psychiatric care. These include patient assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning, psychiatric counseling, medication therapy, and much more.

In addition to coordinating care between departments, MetaCare CPOE offers a full range of order safety capabilities to prescribers. The OrderAssistclinical checking module, one of many features within CPOE, provides comprehensive screening for all order types, and assists prescribers by calculating and suggesting commonly prescribed dosages.

MPC’s patient population presents the difficulty of managing a group that is both demanding in terms of therapy, and inconsistent in its composition. To ensure patient safety, OrderAssist systematically crosschecks orders with the patient’s history before the point of administration. Orders prescreened by the system are accompanied by clinical alerts to ensure that providers are aware of any and all peculiarities in a patient’s condition, including allergies, home medications, diagnoses, and medical history.

“Some patients remain in the facility for just a few days—while others for months, or longer,” explained on-site implementation specialist, Arnold Clemente. “This requires staff to constantly confront new patients, each of whom possesses their own unique needs and medical restrictions.”

“However, OrderAssist provides a comprehensive array of clinical screening modules that are designed to trigger based on changes to the patient’s condition, such as blood pressure or renal function. With a real-time clinical checking and dosing suggestions, prescribers can stay up to date with the patient’s therapy and safely administer care.”

The integration of Meta’s clinical checking module between CPOE, eMAR, and Rx has allowed for patient data and care alerts to be coordinated without interruption, enhancing clinical communication and overall patient safety at MPC.

CPOE Enhances Prescriber Care at Hawthorn Children’s

ST. LOUIS, Missouri (2015) – Meta Healthcare IT Solutions, a leading developer of EHR software, has announced the go-live of MetaCare CPOE at the Hawthorn Children’s Psychiatric Hospital. The facility, which provides mental health services to children and adolescents, encompasses a twenty-six acre area in the heart of St. Louis County, Missouri.

Hawthorn holds a unique position as Missouri’s only free-standing public psychiatric facility for children. The hospital specializes in the alleviation of acute symptoms in children and young adults suffering from mental illness, and promotes a successful return to the community through behavioral rehabilitation and the promotion of developmental skills.

“Both our own team and the team at Hawthorn did a terrific job of testing CPOE,” expressed Senior Project Manager Nancy Brill.  “Preparation was decisive and deployment occurred well on schedule—which for us is the perfect go-live!”

During the Hawthorn implementation, Meta collaborated with the hospital’s clinical staff to bolster its Event Managercapabilities. This application, a dynamic clinical task and follow-up event scheduler, typically assists clinicians in daily workflow management. Within Hawthorn’s environment, however, Event Manager has been further utilized as a solution for interdepartmental communication. Its integration between Meta’s pharmacy management system and point-of-care eMAR application provides staff with a platform to communicate vital order instructions between prescribers, pharmacists and nurses.

“Hawthorn’s use of Event Manager is truly an innovative approach to behavioral health,” stated Meta’s on-site Implementation Manager, Chad Hanohano. “By eliminating the knowledge gap between clinical departments, the application provides the structure necessary to adequately monitor a patient’s therapy.”

“This simple yet intuitive feature has helped Hawthorn improve the turnover rate of its youth population, which was one of our most important goals for the Hawthorn project.”

MetaCare CPOE was deployed on top of the existing infrastructure of Meta’s pharmacy management software, and was also integrated with Meta’s electronic medication administration record as part of the project.

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Roy McMurtry Youth Centre Centralizes Medication, Population Management with MetaCare

BRAMPTON, Ontario (2015) – The Roy McMurtry Youth Centre (RMYC) has reached a much anticipated milestone today on-schedule with the official go-live of MetaCare Enterprise.  The project saw the implementation of Meta’s medication safety and patient management solution, while teams from both organizations were required to overcome numerous unanticipated challenges during the course of installation.

After extensive renovations, the RMYC was reopened under its current name in 2009.  The 192-bed youth correctional facility, located in Brampton, Ontario, aims to provide youths in trouble with the law and between the ages of twelve and seventeen with an opportunity for rehabilitation.  Meta Healthcare IT Solutions, a highly-regarded American clinical software company, was awarded the contract with RMYC after an exhaustive committee search via the request for proposal process.  As part of the facility upgrades, a technology component was added to improve patient safety using Meta’s software products in conjunction with medication automation hardware provided by Healthmark.

The installed product, MetaCare Enterprise Rx, underwent specific modifications to ensure its adherence to unique organizational and facility mandates.  Among these, Meta partnered with Healthmark, a Canadian leader in pharmacy automation, to integrate with its TCGRx packaging machines to sort, fill, and distribute medication doses from the facility’s central pharmacy.  In addition to handling all aspects of medication management and distribution, RMYC also offers rehabilitative services in the fields of mental health, behavioral health, and substance abuse therapy.

With the deployment of MetaCare, RMYC has dramatically improved medication safety and population management with a comprehensive clinical alert system, which includes dose range checking, drug-drug interaction screening, allergy alerts and precaution modules.  The platform also provides the pharmacy with data management capabilities, including demographic information, medication history, order status, inventory control, and other features pertinent to medication and patient processing.

When asked about the recent increase in Meta deployments in environments similar to RMYC, President/CEO Sal Barcia attributed the success to the design of the MetaCare system.  “Especially in behavioral health and correctional environments with such fragile patient populations, like the one at Roy McMurtry,” he said in a press conference, “it’s important for caretakers to have a system that not only centralizes medication management and prevents errors, but is also intuitive and easy-to-use.”

RMYC constitutes a single part of a multi-site organization, the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services (MCYS), which was established in 2003 to promote health and development among children and young adults in the province of Ontario.  The Ministry works with government and community partners to implement policies, programs and services to give the youth of Ontario the best possible chance for a successful and healthy life.

“We’re very excited to continue our work the Ministry, and to help them accomplish the goals they hold for the youth of Ontario,” Barcia added. “It’s an inspiring organization, with an inspiring message for the children of Canada, and their families.”

To ensure a smooth transition, Meta technicians have remained on site at the MCYS facilities after deployment.

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Bilingual EHR Functionality Enhances MetaCare

ONTARIO, Canada (2015) – To further support its Canadian client base, Meta Healthcare IT Solutions has updated its Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution, MetaCare Enterprise EHR, to provide bilingual support to its French-speaking users.  The announcement follows the implementations of MetaCare products in facilities across Canada, most recently among them the Child and Parent Resource Institute and the Roy McMurtry Youth Centre.

The project requires the French translation of Meta’s complete suite of interoperable solutions, with significant application modules already having been converted.  Meta’s pharmacy management solution was the first, followed by its bar-coded medication administration record (eMAR), and finally its computerized order entry system (CPOE).  Electronic clinical documentation may be incorporated into French per organization request, while individual facilities may create their own electronic forms in English or French with Meta’s electronic patient charts designer.

Like its English counterpart, the French-Canadian system resides upon a single unified database, and can be deployed on a comprehensive or modular basis.  This allows the product to utilize a completely bilingual underlying clinical knowledgebase, including an integrated French-language drug database, and ensures that all clinical content is presented identically in both French and English.  With such a distinct product, French-Canadian users can work side by side with English-speaking users in the language of their preference.

“This is an incredibly important step for us, and I’m extremely grateful to have been a part of it,” stated one of Meta’s senior Canadian project directors, Marcie Wester.  “Not only will this help the individual hospitals we support, but it can ultimately help pave the way for improved interoperability between Canadian facilities and across provincial borders.”

In addition to the updated bilingual functionality, Meta has launched a French-Canadian version of its website, available at

“Both the website and platform translation is something we’ve been keen on accomplishing for a long while,” remarked Meta President/CEO Sal Barcia, “but by working closely with our partners and clients, we can continue to contribute to Canada’s growing vision of bilingual EHR adoption for all patient care facilities.”

Meta has maintained a Canadian staff since 1998, which has helped to grow their presence within Canada.

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Meta Healthcare IT Solutions Launches Bilingual Canadian Website

GARDEN CITY, New York (2015) – To better serve its growing body of Canadian clients, Meta has launched a bilingual version of its Canadian website domain, designed and structured to address the needs of Canadian clinicians and administrators. With bilingual support added to the existing Canadian website, French-speaking visitors can more quickly and easily find relevant information regarding Canadian healthcare, and learn more about Meta’s products.

The launch of the new website follows the recent implementations of MetaCare products in multiple facilities in the province of Ontario.  These include behavioral health facilities, child and youth health organizations, correctional facilities, and community hospitals.

Meta’s release of its bilingual Canadian website also coincides with the development of an updated version of its EHR platform.  The new update ensures MetaCare Enterprise complies with necessary Canadian health mandates and security regulations, and makes the platform accessible in both national languages.

One of Meta’s website developers, having worked closely with translators to ensure the success of the launch, stated that the goal was “challenging, but not unattainable”  He gave much of the credit to the Canadian clinicians and translators who partnered with Meta in this endeavor, without whose help, he stated, “none of this would have been possible.”

The Canadian version of Meta’s website initially went live in October of 2015, but is now available in French at

Meta has plans to further expand its presence in Canada by early 2016.

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MetaCare eMAR Deployed at Hawthorn Children’s

St. LOUIS, Missouri (2015) – Meta Healthcare IT Solutions, a developer of integrated clinical software, announced the go-live of MetaCare eMAR today at the Hawthorn Children’s Psychiatric Hospital. The only public psychiatric hospital of its kind in Missouri, Hawthorn offers a path for successful community reentry by providing mental health services to children and young adults.

“We’re very pleased to hear from our clinician specialists on site that implementations at Hawthorn have proceeded smoothly,” remarked Sal Barcia, President and CEO of Meta. “We’re thrilled with the work we’ve accomplished, together with Hawthorn staff, in the span of just a few short months.”

Social rehabilitation and the promotion of developmental skills comprise the primary routes of treatment for the children at Hawthorn. However, in cases where patients exhibit severe symptoms of acute mental illness, clinical staff members often advise additional courses of medication therapy. For this reason, Hawthorn selected Meta to improve medication safety facility wide.

Meta’s electronic medication administration record (eMAR) employs barcoded medication administration, therapy task managers, and several other unique features to ensure the safety of Hawthorn’s fragile youth patient population.  Among these functional aspects, Meta’s patient identification technology has been lauded by Hawthorn staff for its practical application in the behavioral health setting.

“The system supports several unique identification verification measures, which may be adapted based on the patient’s needs, the user’s role, or the severity of the patient’s condition,” explained Senior Project Manager, Nancy Brill. “This has proven extremely effective in Hawthorn’s environment, where patients can react adversely to typical methods of identification, such as ID bracelets.”

“These children, at such a young age, suffer from such severe conditions that can often cause them to become disorderly or uncooperative—which is why these alternative identification strategies have become so useful to Hawthorn’s nursing staff,” Brill added. “Patient photos, for example, have been incorporated into the patient’s profile, allowing nurses to identity patients without disturbing them.”

“These small but significant improvements to patient safety are helping nurses manage a patient population that presents unique challenges,” she concluded. “Most importantly, however, these improvements to patient safety will resonate with Hawthorn’s patients for years to come.”

SOPS Centralizes Massachusetts Medication Safety with MetaCare


TEWKSBURY, Massachusetts (2015) – Meta Healthcare IT Solutions, a leading provider of clinical software solutions, announced today that the Massachusetts State Office of Pharmacy Services (SOPS), one of the largest pharmacy enterprises in the United States, has gone live with its centralized medication management and patient safety software.  Meta brought the first site live at an unprecedented pace, only four months after being awarded the contract, while remaining sites were brought live by the last week of April 2015.

The Massachusetts SOPS supports the Department of Mental Health (DMH), Department of Public Health (DPH), Department of Developmental Services (DDS), Houses of Corrections (HOC), Department of Corrections (DOC), as well as two Soldiers’ Homes.  These agencies comprise a total of more than forty individual facilities with several diverse care environments, including behavioral health homes, correctional institutions, community hospitals, addiction rehabilitation centers, developmental centers, and many more.

Through the custom development of a centralized pharmacy distribution manifest, Meta has been able to automate medication safety and coordinate care for 70 pharmacists, and the more than 700 clinicians they serve.  All orders are processed and dispatched from a centralized hub in Tewksbury, MA, where the system interfaces with robotic pill packaging technology to ensure the accurate fulfillment of medication orders.  In total, SOPS manages and distributes medication for roughly 20,000 patients at a time.

“The complexity of the implementation is what really made this project unique,” remarked Meta’s Senior Project Manager, Gail Saidlower.  “Supporting over forty facilities across many state agencies required us to analyze the specific usage requirements of each agency, and the individual facilities within them.  Across such a broad and diverse network of providers, some policies, procedures, and nuances required enhancing of our system to support pharmacy practices both locally and state-wide.”

One such example of the project’s unique structure regarded the integration of pharmacy automation technology.  In addition to the robotic packaging machine implemented at the central distribution site, the system was also required to integrate with Pyxis machines at remote facilities to support thirty-day fill cycles and traditional unit dose dispensing.  These automation methods have allowed SOPS to maximize workflow efficiency while minimizing manual restocking labor costs through the use of the MetaCare Enterprise system.  Additionally, the Commonwealth contracted to Meta implement its drug wholesaler interface, which automatically updates drug costs and inventory levels within the system. This module provides an organization as extensive as SOPS the means necessary to effectively manage its inventory and automate billing.

“The SOPS implementation was definitely one of the more comprehensive projects we’ve taken on, both due to the scale of the operation and the variable nature of the agencies and facilities involved,” stated Meta President/CEO Sal Barcia. “But with all sites up and running on what many thought was an impossible timeline for implementation, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has established a solid foundation upon which to implement additional MetaCare products.”


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MetaCare Medication Safety Initiatives Deployed in Massachusetts State Prisons

GARDEN CITY, New York (2015) – Meta Healthcare IT Solutions, a leading developer of EHR and medication safety software, is proud to announce the deployment of its MetaCare Enterprise software solution in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, providing medication order processing to all prisons across the state.  The inmate population, one of the largest of its kind in all of North America, is comprised of two separate Massachusetts state agencies: the Department of Correction (DOC) and the Houses of Correction (HOC), with twenty-eight prison facilities in all.

All medication orders written for DOC and HOC inmates are filled centrally by the Massachusetts State Office of Pharmacy Services (SOPS), who operate a large distribution center in Tewksbury, MA.   The deployment included implementation across multiple state agencies, including the Department of Mental Health, Department of Public Health, Veteran’s Hospitals, and Sheriff’s Department, some of which provide their own medication services.

In such a broad and large distribution network, automation integration was a key component of the deployment.  To ensure this, MetaCare was integrated with robotic packaging machines at the central distribution center; and at remote sites, was integrated with Pyxis automated dispensing machines (ADMs) to provide immediate access and control over medications dispensed on site. In this complex environment, Meta supports both thirty-day fill cycles and traditional dose unit dispensing to facilitate medication distribution among the diverse patient population.

Meta has a long history of enhancing their software to meet specific client requirements.  Unique to this deployment of centralized medication services, an electronic manifest system was developed by Meta to provide audit security using additional barcode support.  With this modification, the HOC and DOC are capable of automatically adjusting inventory quantity when permissible under security mandates.  The same feature also facilitates orders and shipping by tracking inventory automatically and alerting for restock.

“Due to the complex nature of the security restrictions imposed by both the individual correctional facilities and the agencies as a whole, we needed to work closely with the Commonwealth to ensure our software complied with all policies and procedures in place,” stated Meta President and CEO Sal Barcia.

“However, thanks to the dedication of our staff and the SOPS personnel, we can now proudly say that MetaCare is the standard for one of the largest prison populations in all of North America.”

These deployments follow Meta’s recent corporate history as a provider of patient and medication safety solutions to multi-site governmental organizations, in particular state-level correctional facilities.  Meta also manages inmate populations in the state of Missouri and Oklahoma.

In the next phase of deployment, Meta and state officials are planning the implementation of MetaCare eMAR and CPOE in the next fiscal year.

Ontario-Based CPRI Deploys MetaCare Patient Safety Solution

GARDEN CITY, New York (2014) – The Child and Parent Resource Institute (CPRI) has successfully completed the implementation of its new MetaCare medication and patient safety system.  The facility, a 60 bed youth behavioral health facility located in London, Ontario, serves the surrounding seventeen counties to provide behavioral services to troubled youths.

Meta Healthcare IT Solutions, a well-regarded provider of clinical software for hospitals, behavioral health facilities, and prison populations, was awarded the contract with CPRI after an exhaustive committee search via a request for proposal process.  The installed product, MetaCare Enterprise Rx, underwent specific modifications to ensure its adherence to unique organizational and facility mandates.  Among these, Meta partnered with Healthmark, a Canadian leader in pharmacy automation, and integrated with its TCGRx packaging machines to sort, fill, and distribute medication doses from the facility’s central pharmacy.

With the deployment, CPRI has drastically improved medication safety and population management through the use of Meta’s comprehensive clinical alert modules, including dose range checking, drug-drug interaction screening, allergy alerts and precaution modules.  The system also provides the pharmacy with data management capabilities, including demographic information, medication history, order status, inventory control and other features pertinent to medication processing and patient management.

CPRI constitutes a single part of a multi-site organization, the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services (MCYS), which was established in 2003 to promote health and development among children and young adults in the province of Ontario.  The Ministry works with government and community partners to implement policies, programs and services to give children the best possible start in life and prepare them for the road ahead.  To this end, it also offers CPRI the ability to provide its behavioral health services free of charge.

“Of the many implementations I’ve been a part of, CPRI is certainly one of the most dynamic,” stated on-site implementation manager Arnold Clemente.  Clemente has worked as part of Meta’s implementation and maintenance support team for nearly twenty years.

“A lot of moving parts had to come together for us to get this one right,” Clemente added, “but in the end, I’m confident of the preparedness and competence of the CPRI staff, and the infrastructure we’ve implemented there.”

Meta has already begun moving forward with the remaining deployment schedule for MCYS.


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