Over the past 25 years, we have witnessed first-hand the challenges our rural clients face as they implement EHR systems. We back this experience with a dedicated and informed staff, equipped to handle the unique challenges that smaller facilities face, and provide you with intimate and responsive support.

Rural Hospitals and CAHs operate within the Medicare Incentive Program, but have different deadlines and requirements from larger facilities. At Meta, we possess a complete understanding of Stage 1 and Stage 2 objectives, as well as the reimbursement processes healthcare providers must undergo. Our ONC-ATCB Stage 1 and ONC-ACB Modular Stage 2 Certified software provides a reliable solution to increasing hospital productivity and improving patient care, but also allows smaller facilities to receive a 100% return on their initial investment.

We aim to make our products usable for all of our clients. We can modify our systems to make them adapt to your specific needs as a smaller facility, while providing you with a solution that is powerful and affordable. As one of our long term customers has remarked, “There are more expensive products, and less expensive products, but Meta is the best software vendor this hospital has ever had.”