infogardThe first private IT Security laboratory to be officially recognized by the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), InfoGard was founded in 1993 with a mission to provide IT security to customers worldwide. InfoGard collaborates with its partners to achieve the security assurance and/or certifications they desire.  As a uniquely qualified and trusted third-party, InfoGard has certified our full suite of products with Complete Stage 1 Meaningful Use EHR ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 and Modular Stage 2 Meaningful Use EHR ONC-ACB 2014.

first databankFirst DataBank improves patient safety and healthcare quality by allowing clinicians access to their comprehensive drug database, incorporating it within client EHR information systems. We partner with First DataBank to provide our users with integrated drug references to facilitate user workflow, enhance clinical decision making at the point of care, and help reduce the incidence of medication errors and adverse drug events.

secure exchangeSecure Exchange Solutions (SES) has been offering simple, secure, and scalable web-based information communication between healthcare entities for over two decades. We took SES on as our Health Information Service Provider (HISP) to meet the rigorous standards of Stage 2 Certification. SES assures the safe transfer of information through the Direct Project Method, a federally-sanctioned means of sharing secure information between providers and patients, regardless of digital platforms.

stockell healthcareStockell Healthcare Systems features InsightCS®; the only single, integrated software system specifically designed to provide hospitals, healthcare networks, and behavioral health providers with a complete, end-to-end enterprise patient access and revenue cycle information system (RCIS) to replace older, antiquated HIS products and their surrounding bolt-on modules. InsightCS® is Meaningful Use Stage 2 certified, ICD-10 Ready, and key functionality includes MPI, Registration, Scheduling, Real-Time Payer Eligibility Checking, Medical Necessity Checking, Document Management, Inpatient & Outpatient Billing, Patient Payment Portal, ANSI compliance, Contract Management, Denial Tracking, Reporting Services, Dynamic Worklists, Data Warehouse & Analytics, Integrated Claims Editing, and much more.

the usability peopleBacked with over 25 years of experience, The Usability People provides user experience consultation, usability testing, and interface design services to an array of small and large businesses.  We asked The Usability People to conduct our final lab-based Summative Usability testing for safety enhanced design (§170.314.g.3), evaluating how our EHR system matched the Stage 2 Certification usability criteria: effectiveness in task completion, time efficiency during task completion, and user satisfaction.