Our Mission

The improvement of patient care is the essential purpose for our company’s existence. Meta listens to their clients and continues to enhance products to meet the demands of an ever-changing healthcare IT landscape. Read more about our industry-defining support here.

Our MetaCare Enterprise EHR™ full suite of products provides clients with:

  • A powerful, responsible, and sophisticated patient care system that maintains patient safety as its number one goal
  • A marked improvement in patient outcomes, and a reduction in the financial burden that results from overlooked medical errors
  • Functionality that surpasses healthcare IT standards to transform the work environment — improving productivity, providing clinical decision support, and reducing medical risk
  • The benefits of a comprehensive, fully integrated, and cutting-edge EHR system

Our Vision

“Our vision has always been continual product improvement and to expand our EHR client base by offering price competitive software..We designed features and functions typically found in more expensive products, and made them affordable for smaller hospitals.” – Sal Barcia, President/CEO

“When we first started, we firmly believed that if we stayed true to our mission of providing excellent solutions that focus on patient safety, success would be inevitable… We’ve not wavered from our initial objective for a single day.”                      – Eric Gerstenfeld, Executive Vice President/CTO