Meta Healthcare IT Solutions provides employees with a rewarding and challenging environment that values diligence, flexibility and creativity. We encourages and assist all employees in their goals of personal development and professional growth.

A Meta team member’s responsibilities can include:

  • Provision of direct feedback in the development of our products;
  • Direct support to our client sites and client managers;
  • Daily communication between departments to maintain Meta’s core missions in product service;
  • Quality assurance of all our MetaCare products to ensure and uphold Meta’s vision of exemplary products.

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Our Work Culture


At Meta, we take a professional undertaking in ensuring your growth at the company. This involves close mentoring by our experienced staff to educate and create an approachable, engaging culture for our employees.


As a company that prides itself on customer support, the integrity of its team and the quality of our products, Meta strives to develop each employee’s potential in their skill set and challenge them in other areas. Many of our employees have stayed on and excelled for years. At Meta, we work to strengthen each employee to attain career advancement to meet his or her career goals.


Meta is motivated by the continuing feedback and dialogue between all its departments. Each Meta member interacts with his or her team on a daily basis to provide support and ideas for current and future developments.

Meta Healthcare IT Solutions is an EOE.