Meta Healthcare IT Solutions, LLC has been a software solution provider for over 25 years. Meta helps to improve patient care at various healthcare facilities through our EHR product suite. Our products facilitate interdepartmental data flow and access to patient information, allowing facilities to maximize usability and achieve the best possible patient outcomes.

Together, Meta’s products comprise a complete clinical EHR solution, but each individual application is flexibly designed to permit implementation on an as-needed basis. User interface can be modified based on facility mandates, guaranteeing accurate record keeping, improved clinical productivity, and enhanced patient outcomes. A single database solution to electronic health record-keeping allows you to streamline communication between modules, reduce external interfaces, and eliminate redundant data that exists in competing models – all while protecting patients at every step of the care process.

Meta’s highly trained professionals use their clinical experience to design new applications, modules, and updates that give substance to the concept of Meaningful Use. Our complete MetaCare Enterprise EHR ™ suite of solutions is certified for Stage 1 and Stage 2 incentives, making facilities eligible for financial reimbursement upon deployment. We serve healthcare facilities of all sizes, ranging from small rural hospitals to large multi-facility enterprises, and service specialty disciplines such as acute care, long-term care, behavioral health, addiction treatment centers, and correctional facilities. For over twenty five years, Meta’s experience in healthcare provides us with the competitive advantage of being able to recognize your facility’s specific needs, and incorporate these factors into our software.

Our dedicated team creates cutting-edge software and also provides responsive, intimate customer support. Our work ethic is founded upon the principles of strong vendor-client relationships, making time for continual dialogue and product improvement even after implementation. As trained healthcare professionals, we recognize the need for responsiveness, especially when critical errors inhibit our software from realizing its objectives. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to avoid these errors and deliver superior, adaptable, and cost-effective technology.