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Revenue Cycle Management Performance
When It Matters Most

MetaCare Matrix™ is an electronic financial record (EFR) solution that supports real-time electronic data storage and the exchange of critical enterprise billing and accounting information. It offers complete patient resource access, accounting and revenue cycle management while providing healthcare organizations with financial and census management with audit report functions to optimize return on investment and patient outcomes. As a result, MetaCare Enterprise EHR™ truly communicates to every department involved in patient care and provides both clinical and administrative solutions at a price affordable for healthcare organizations of all sizes.

For healthcare entities that want to increase their return on investment while promoting a high level of patient care, MetaCare Matrix provides the ability to:

  • Perform real-time eligibility checks during scheduling and/or registration;
  • Integrate payer rules and enforce financial clearance upfront;
  • Significantly improve clean claims rates;
  • Reduce billing delays and denials;
  • Eliminate dependencies on third party “bolt-ons”;
  • Simplify claims processing, collections and bad debt management;
  • Get real-time, mission critical information when and where it is needed.

MetaCare Matrix sets distinguishes itself from other financial solutions by integrating key information with intuitive workflows. By effectively integrating with all products in the MetaCare Enterprise EHR suite, MetaCare Matrix enhances the following areas:

  • Patient and resource scheduling;
  • Registration and census management;
  • Contract and reimbursement management;
  • Dynamic worklists;
  • Patient accounting and billing;
  • Accounts receivable collections and payments;
  • Critical business intelligence (Data Warehouse, including Performance Analytics);
  • Inter-departmental communication

To learn more about how MetaCare Matrix can improve your revenue cycle management while integrating with a complete EHR schedule your exclusive EFR solutions demo today.
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