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MetaCare IntelliForms™ replaces paper collection of patient data and care information with an easy, user-defined, intelligent data collection system that eliminates repetitive data entry and becomes part of the permanent electronic patient medical record.

Forms management begins with an intelligent user interface that allows clients to design the screen layout, text and data elements necessary to create a form. The client can select font, color, text size and borders. Multi-layered images can also be added, allowing for assessments by multiple clinicians. Clients can create screens that look and feel just like the paper forms they are replacing, dramatically reducing the learning curve on the new system.

Benefits of IntelliForms include:

  • Easy customization to the hospital’s specific needs, practices and standards;
  • Intelligent design includes standard Windows® controls such as checkboxes, radio buttons, list boxes and combo boxes;
  • Virtual elimination of all paper-based patient documentation;
  • Can be integrated into any healthcare environment and can write to any database format including SQL, Oracle and Sybase;
  • User-friendly display of forms by department for quick selection.

The real power of MetaCare IntelliForms lies in its integration with the facility’s main information system. Once key data (such as a patient account) is entered, IntelliForms will not only search and retrieve historical records but populate the form based on historical data. This feature eliminates redundant data entry, allowing the user to focus on their patient. This, in combination with IntelliForms data validation, provides the patient with the highest degree of safety features available today, which is of primary importance.

The Meta team is available to show you how MetaCare IntelliForms can replace your paper collection of patient data and care information with an easy-to-use, client-customizable, intelligent data collection system – simply contact us today to request a free demonstration of our solutions!

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