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There are many incentives to reduce burdensome paper forms that inundate hospitals and healthcare facilities by migrating to an electronic clinical documentation system. In addition to improved healthcare quality and medical error reduction, electronic patient medical records make it easier to access forms, reduce or eliminate production costs, simplify printing and storage of paper documents, increase patient privacy and security and save time for clinicians, allowing for more patient contact.

MetaCare IntelliDocs™ not only enhances the paper process by correcting problems of legibility, accuracy and avoidance of redundant data entry but also affords flexibility, allowing for the creation of powerful documentation tools that look and feel like the paper forms they’re replacing.

A powerful and easy to use solution, IntelliDocs provides an array of features and benefits, including:

  • Increased patient safety, privacy and security;
  • Easy access to forms for physicians;
  • Hundreds of pre-designed forms that can be optionally modified for specific hospital use with an easy-to-use forms editor;
  • The ability of users to create their own forms;
  • An intelligent user interface that allows clinicians and non-IT personnel to design screen layout, text and data elements necessary to create a form.

IntelliDocs is an electronic documentation system that interfaces with MetaCare Enterprise™ EHR at the database level. Synchronization of records across multiple locations allows for easy integration with other Meta applications and auto population of desired fields, reducing time-consuming manual data entry.

The Meta team is available to show you how MetaCare IntelliDocs can support your goal to reduce and even eliminate the cost of creating, printing and storing paper forms – simply contact us today to request a free demonstration of our solutions!

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