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A Medication Administration System That Works for You!

Serious errors can occur at any point in the medication process — at the point of physician order, order transcription, pharmacy order processing, distribution or nursing medication administration. Errors that occur at the point of care especially have little chance of detection or prevention. MetaCare Enterprise eMAR™ is designed to provide the additional safety protection you need at this critical juncture in the medication process.

A fully integrated, Web-based point of care nursing documentation system designed to monitor and reduce medication errors, means more time at the bedside utilizes several innovative and intuitive features to eliminate medication errors at the point of care by efficiently automating the medication documentation process. Its suite of components will help your healthcare organization successfully implement patient medication safety initiatives while improving its productivity.

MetaCare Event Manager, an integrated solution within two MetaCare Enterprise EHR™ applications — MetaCare CPOE™ and MetaCare eMAR — offers a dynamic event scheduler in which clinicians are able to create and receive alerts for patient care tasks. MetaCare Event Manager breaks through the gates of “traditional” EHR clinical decision support to ensure that a patient in pain is not overlooked. With MetaCare Event Manager, hospital post-op procedures that are cumbersome to order and arrange can now be set with a few clicks of a button, and events can be set to trigger based simply on a real-time update of the patient’s condition.

What distinguishes MetaCare Enterprise eMAR from its competitors?

Clinical Outcomes How Meta Delivers
6 Rights Checking BCMA with dosage and time parameter warnings
Patient assessment Vital signs, I&O and daily assessment documentation
Internal auditing of med errors Adverse Drug Reaction/MI Incident Reporting
Trending of patient condition Graphic flowchart of I&Os, Height and Weight
Missed or Late Dose Reporting Report generation as well as keystroke
HIPAA Compliance Security access measures, password and data encryption

In addition, MetaCare Enterprise eMAR allows for easy access to a detailed audit history of every transaction and live tracking of medication from the pharmacy to the floor to the patient. An intuitive MAR means faster adoption for staff, and less time at the computer means more time at the bedside. MetaCare Enterprise eMAR can even help you simplify your process — see below:

  1. Typical Med Pass

    • Patient Assessment
    • Review all labs and orders in patient’s live EHR
    • 6 Rights Checking with Barcoded Administration
  2. Nurse/Tech Administers
    Medication to Patient

  3. Follow-Up

    • One-Click Documentation
    • Reports for Quality Improvement
    • Adverse Reaction/Incident Reporting
    • Messaging Capabilities to Clinicians

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