MetaCare eMAR™: An Intuitive Solution to Patient Safety and Indispensable Aid to Nurses

Serious errors can occur at any point in the medication process — at the point of physician order, order transcription, pharmacy processing, distribution, or administration by the nurses. However, while errors that occur earlier in the process are often caught by clinical staff in subsequent review, errors committed at the bedside have little chance of being detected. MetaCare eMAR™, our point-of-care drug administration system, provides nurses with the tools necessary to prevent these errors.

Intelligently equipped and integrated with all MetaCare Enterprise EHR™ products, eMAR closes the loop between nurses and other clinicians to safeguard order fulfillment. Near perfect barcode compliance intuitively facilitates Six Rights Checking and monitors the progress of nurses as they attain full barcode compliance. The display and trending of vital signs and diagnostic results with MetaCare WatchList™ allow nurses to monitor critical patient information during point-of-care assessment. Our CPOE system gives nurses access to the complete patient profile, while integration with MetaCare IntelliForms™ and IntelliDocs™ offers an intelligent electronic clinical documentation method. MAR notes shared between all clinical departments are prominently displayed with all orders to simplify interdepartmental communication. The effective coordination of patient treatment across our complete EHR system helps nurses avoid the risk of adverse drug events at the point of care.

Our product is a web-based system designed with the nursing staff in mind. All orders are pre-screened by MetaCare CPOE™ and Rx™ to provide the most comprehensive checking possible, and tracked from order inception to delivery at the bedside in a detailed audit history report. With MetaCare eMAR™, healthcare providers will experience a reduction of medication errors, and increase in patient safety and overall outcomes.

How MetaCare eMAR™…

Achieves superior patient & medication administration safety

  • Enhances clinical assessments with integrated drug references
  • Facilitates collection of vital signs & other important clinical diagnostics during medication process
  • Displays drug & patient images for added security
  • Automatically tracks medications from order inception to administration

Closes the loop between physicians, pharmacists, and nurses

  • Links nursing staff with other clinical departments using centralized information management system
  • Provides nursing staff with notes made by physicians and pharmacists

Implements Six Rights Checking

  • Offers near perfect barcode compliance
  • Requires verification of nurse, patient & medication

Manages critical information

  • MetaCare Watchlist™ snapshot of critical information
  • Trending feature visualizing important patient diagnostics
  • Includes MAR notes, & graphic flowcharts of I&Os, height, weight, BMI, etc.
  • Audit & Report Logs record patient & end user activity

Prevents errors at the bedside

  • Medication Warning System detecting adverse drug effects
  • Alerts nurses to record & review critical information before administration
  • Displays disease & drug-related patient parameters
  • Prioritized medication warnings & administration instructions

Assists in population management

  • Complete patient profiles including patient info, medications, freeform progress notes, etc.
  • Customizable patient & task overview
  • WorkLoad EasyView™ feature monitored by real-time clock

Facilitates complete EHR info processing*

  • All orders prescreened by MetaCare CPOE™ & Rx™
  • Integrated clinical documentation with IntelliDocs™
  • Provides access to diagnostic results and patient information with MetaCare CPOE™

* MetaCare Event Manager™, an integrated solution within two MetaCare Enterprise EHR™ applications — MetaCare CPOE™ and MetaCare eMAR™ — offers a dynamic scheduler in which clinicians are able to create and receive alerts and instructions for patient care tasks. This application breaks away from “traditional” EHR clinical decision support to ensure that no patient is overlooked. With MetaCare Event Manager, cumbersome post-op procedures can be set with a few clicks of a button, and events can be preset and triggered by real-time updates of the patient’s condition, demographics, or diagnostic results.