MetaCare Enterprise Rx™: The Digital Order Execution Panel

Meta Healthcare IT Solutions was founded with a mission to improve patient outcomes and reduce the risk associated with medication errors through the use of our software products. Meta’s co-founder, a pharmacist by trade, realized a solution to the challenges he faced in traditional pharmacy management by collaborating on the development of our flagship application, MetaCare Enterprise Rx™.

Uniquely designed as a solution to the difficulties of manual order processing, MetaCare Enterprise Rx™ provides pharmacists with a clinical decision support (CDS) system that combines the elements of a conventional pharmacy system — order and inventory management — with an added focus on medication safety and user preference. Backed by over twenty years of success, MetaCare Enterprise Rx™ safeguards every step in order fulfillment at the pharmaceutical level.

Three essential attributes distinguish MetaCare Enterprise Rx™ from all other pharmacy systems: quality inventory management, secure order fulfillment, and comparative drug cost analysis with our Generic Alternative Decision Module and Wholesaler Interface. At its core, however, preventative technology manages all aspects of the pharmacy process to safeguard patient care at the level of order fulfillment.

Responsive technology works in tandem with the pharmacist to provide real-time updates and alerts, and prevent medication error during order fulfillment. All of these features are accessible from the comprehensive Digital Order Entry Panel, which contains completely user-driven integrated clinical documentation, flow sheets, medical references, and complete patient profiles. Although our system is used primarily in inpatient pharmacy practices, Meta’s software is also adequately equipped to manage pharmacy on an ambulatory basis.

By expediting information input and order detail navigation, MetaCare Enterprise Rx™ affords more time for the pharmacist, improving clinical evaluations, and ultimately increasing the overall quality of patient care.

  • Facility-defined macros and order sets to increase order verification speed and accuracy
  • Dynamic to each patient’s condition and allergies
  • Evaluates patient outcomes through history auditing and reports
  • Contiguous across the healthcare spectrum, patients are carried across care settings
  • Full integration of solution to third-party CPOE and eMAR systems
  • Fill/refill prescriptions knowing live price inquiries
Long-Term Care
  • Claims adjudication feature allows retroactive batching of medications dispensed
  • Long-term contiguous evaluation of patient profiles
  • Clinical and technical flagging that can be customized to meet every facility’s needs