MetaCare CPOE™ Improves and Standardizes Order Entry Processes

An indispensable tool for clinicians, MetaCare CPOE™ offers a unique system flexibility that encompasses every aspect of patient care, and helps to eliminate errors at every phase in the treatment process. Empower your facility with the ability to:

      • Streamline order entry

Users possess the ability to customize orders types, order entry details, priority, co-sign specifications, order protocol, system look and feel, as well as create freeform platform event categories, Common Order Sets, and Protocol Order Sets. A comprehensive clinical alert system, operating from our IntelliMed™ rules-based engine, works alongside clinicians to enhance patient evaluations while avoiding alert fatigue.

Complete patient profiles allow physicians and other qualified clinicians easy access to patient info, while the My Patients menu can be used to set patient lists, monitor recent patients, and filter patients by name, start date, account number, room, diagnoses, etc. A vital component of MetaCare Enterprise EHR™, MetaCare CPOE™ simplifies key processes, increases efficiency and avoids unnecessary resource expenditures.

Your Current StateWith MetaCare CPOE
Paper or manual workflow for order entry Fully integrated automated workflow
Non-standard dosage regimens Common dose suggestions
Filing, sorting and labeling EMRs Easily accessible patient charts accessible anywhere
Legibility issues Well-screened orders and instructions
Tedious time “hunting down” patient charts Physician “Pick List” for immediate access
Inability to find clinicians for urgent patient care Notes and messaging to alert clinician upon log-in