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Beyond Order Entry

According to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), over 770,000 patients are injured because of medication errors every year. Meta Healthcare IT Solutions has designed a computerized prescriber order entry (CPOE) system that is integrated with a complete suite of patient safety products to help eliminate errors at every step in the medication process. MetaCare CPOE™ completely closes the loop on patient safety and is designed to help eliminate errors from order inception through medication administration. A vital component of our MetaCare Enterprise EHR™, MetaCare CPOE simplifies key processes, increases efficiency and avoids unnecessary resource expenditures.

A key element of an exceptional CPOE application is its ability to provide decision support and comprehensive clinical alerts while avoiding alert fatigue. By offering prescribers comprehensive controls to fine tune alerts to a desired level, MetaCare CPOE avoids user-conditioned clinical overrides while providing broad protection from errors. In addition, only MetaCare, through the integration of IntelliForms™ with CPOE, allows users the flexibility of creating customizable order entry criteria and order types.

Along with these benefits, MetaCare CPOE offers:

  • Intuitive design to minimize transition overhaul and resources;
  • Ensured patient safety through reduction of medication errors;
  • Real-time updates of patients’ profiles across all visits;
  • Messaging capabilities to and from other departments.
Your Current State With MetaCare CPOE
Paper or manual workflow for order entry Fully integrated automated workflow
Non-standard dosage regimens Common dose suggestions
Filing, sorting and labeling EMRs Easily accessible patient charts accessible anywhere
Legibility issues Well-screened orders and instructions
Tedious time “hunting down” patient charts Physician “Pick List” for immediate access
Inability to find clinicians for urgent patient care Notes and messaging to alert clinician upon log-in

The premiere solution of MetaCare CPOE, MetaCare Event Manager simplifies patient care tasks. It can be used to create and edit at the physician level, allowing a doctor to order a specific function to be performed by a nurse at a specific time. In addition, MetaCare Even Manager improves workflow by:

  • Including categorized alerts for reminders of mandatory, accurate documentation;
  • Automatically scheduling mandated events at scheduled times, durations and frequencies;
  • Alerting staff to a patient’s condition such as a change in vital signs.

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