Missouri Department of Mental Health (MDMH) Enhances Patient Care by deploying Meta Products

MDMH, Missouri – Meta Healthcare IT Solutions announces the successful deployment of MetaCare Intellidocs™, a powerful clinical documentation module as its latest addition to the suite of MetaCare products already in place at the Missouri Department of Mental Health.

In 2011 Meta was awarded a contract to partner with the State of Missouri Department of Mental Health (MDMH) to implement its Pharmacy Management System, MetaCare Enterprise Rx™, across seven (7) inpatient behavioral health facilities after an RFP an exhaustive evaluation process. Based on the success of that project, which helped the agency reduce the potential of medication errors, improve patient medication outcomes, and help streamline operations, the MDMH levered their initial investment by licensing additional Meta products including our Computerized Prescriber Order Entry (CPOE) and Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR) modules. The new modules, utilizing one integrated database, helped to provide close loop medication safety at each facility.

The success of these projects in improving patient care was a catalyst in selecting Meta to improve behavioral health clinical documentation with the installation of MetaCare IntelliDocs™. MetaCare IntelliDocs replaces paper based forms with intelligent electronic documents, helping to coordinate care and organize documentation as part of an integrated patient history. More efficient workflow practices include legible information along with efficient data entry; information can be displayed as needed across the patient care continuum once charted. IntelliDocs also provides timely information to assist clinical staff in making informed care decisions.

Following kickoff of the project, Meta worked closely with clinical staff to implement their solution relative to mental/behavioral health environments and practices. Meta clinical informatics experts developed a customizable framework for common documentation requirements by automating multiple integrated forms of documentation common to the behavioral health care process.

In order to meet the agencies’ specific goals and processes, a clinical and technical steering committee assessed current workflow practices and requirements to develop a deployment strategy that would improve efficiency and enhance patient care documentation. This partnership produced an Intellidocs solution which allows for customized patient care via data collection, providing statistical analysis and a safe comprehensive care model to enhance the quality of care.

Following successful implementation of our IntelliDocs solution across all seven facilities, Meta will continue to work with the MDMH to expand its suite of comprehensive documentation and other applications, further expanding utilization of Meta’s EHR technology