Meta Gears up for NATCON 2017

SEATTLE, Washington – Every year the National Council for Behavioral Health hosts the NATCON Conference, the foremost meeting on mental and behavioral health; the conference unites thousands of individuals and organizations to address contemporary issues facing the mental and behavioral healthcare community and to discuss innovative methods of patient care.

Meta Healthcare IT Solutions will exhibit at this year’s NATCON conference at the Washington State Convention Center from April 3rd – April 5th to showcase its electronic health record platform, Metacare Enterprise EHR, and will discuss recent developments within the company and in the field of mental and behavioral health.

For over 25 years, Meta has developed sophisticated technology to improve the health and well being of individuals struggling with mental and behavioral health disorders. Meta’s customizable clinical documentation software solutions have provided healthcare practitioners the tools necessary to improve patient care and reduce medication errors across the spectrum of mental and behavioral health.

Meta is proud to serve this community by providing quality technology to a number of institutions including the Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Office of Pharmacy Services, the State of Oklahoma Department of Mental Health, the State of Missouri Department of Mental Health, and local community providers including NAVOS, a Seattle based mental and behavioral healthcare facility.

Please visit booth 104 to learn more about Meta’s highly regarded clinical suite of products and to discuss important issues facing the field of mental and behavioral health, especially in regards to IT integration. For more information on the MetaCare suite of products, visit Meta’s website at and follow us on our social sites below. We look forward to seeing you in Seattle!!

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